Tobias Schneider
Jointly looking into the future
My name is Tobias Schneider. At 1st Commodity GmbH, I am responsible for operational trading and project management.

Because I grew up in a family business, my interest in trading raw materials was sparked at a very early age. The background, the mechanisms, and the correlations of financial markets, companies, and the economy fascinate me. This passion for informing, analyzing, and structuring and also my years of experience in the precious metals industry provided the foundation for my entry into 1st Commodity.

I am connected to Henrik Bode through a trusting relationship based on honesty, appreciation, and mutual respect. We work hand in hand and only promise customers and partners what we can also deliver. That means: We live a corporate philosophy where acting morally sound is more important than rapid growth and short-term profit-seeking. It is our joint goal to react flexibly to changes and accept new challenges with motivation. We act in concert to create real value for customers and partners.

In my private life, mutual support and maintaining social contacts are likewise very important to me. I like to read a lot and when I am not studying the movements on the international markets and political events, I relax from my professional life by gardening.