Martina Ludwig
Don´t think the doable - do the thinkable
Hello, my name is Martina Ludwig: I am the  partner , trendsetter and creative head of 1st Commodity GmbH.

Being an entrepreneur is my passion, fueled by courage, creativity and a talent to think out of the box . It’s this philosophy, combined with my year-long experience, that helps me develop and implement new processes and networks within 1st Commodity.

I am deeply convinced that resources are the cornerstone of a sustainable and thriving future where values can be preserved and constantly developed at the same time. To realize this vision, you need to leave the well-trodden paths and take an innovative approach.

Meet Henrik Bode, a year-long friend with whom I have since developed a successful professional partnership. The foundation of our work is mutual trust and shared values. Every day, we dare to look at the bigger picture in order to gain novel insights.

On a more private note, I love spending time in the nature, and I am actively supporting animal welfare. My hobbies are cycling, running, weight training and immersing myself in books. These activities help me recharge by batteries to pursue our joint mission.