Stephan Wolff
Hello, my name is Stephan Wolff. As an independent consultant i am responsible for establishing innovative sales concepts for 1st Commodity and also for developing the product portfolio to meet the needs of our customers.

Since the late 90s my heart beats for the precious metals market. I am a passionate expert and have spent many years intensively studying the currency and financial system. Developing sophisticated investment concepts that appeal to both the general public as well as institutional investors is one of my core competencies. For this purpose, I conduct analyses of the product range, pricing, existing dealer relationships and distribution structures. Together, we will then model the necessary components and form compelling solutions with a genuine added value, turning contacts into sustainable relationships.

The talents of each individual are what make us an unbeatable team. We meet as equals, discuss openly, challenge and encourage each other, and work together hand in hand. We are characterized by a spirit that is agile and based on mutual respect.

In my spare time, I enjoy the quiet life of the countryside. Being surrounded by nature and my animals, I can recharge my batteries for the day-to-day challenges.